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Rebalance Notification Signup
Rebalance Notification Signup

How to get text and email notifications before rebalances happen.

Written by Felix Feng
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Rebalance Notification Signup

Multiple times throughout this flow, you will be asked to sign messages. This indicates that the information you are passing to us belongs to the account you are currently logged in as. This costs no gas. If you are using metamask for example, you will see a notification like this.

Getting Started

1. Navigate to (this is now accessible through the navigation bar instead of at the footer of the application)

2. Click on Rebalance Notifications

3. You will be prompted to enter a valid phone number (international numbers accepted), and also to specify whether you only want calls or texts as well. We are currently limiting it to 1 phone number per account. You will be prompted to sign messages to securely pass the phone number to us. If you want to edit your phone number, you will have to delete then re-add the number.

4. Select the Sets you want to be notified for and click Save Notification Settings (located at the bottom). Your Set preferences will be saved even if you update your phone number.

5. There are multiple trigger points for rebalance notifications. In each of these scenarios, you will automatically receive a call and text message (if selected). All Sets will call/text when a rebalance is started.

  • For certain robo sets, there is an initial confirmation period where the signal has to be confirmed. For example, if the price of ETH crosses the 20 SMA and stays there for 2 hours, then a rebalance can be confirmed. View the initial confirmation period settings for each RoboSet here.

“Rebalance of $1,042,032 with trading pair WETH / USDC proposed for the ETH 20 Day MACO Set. Rebalance will take place in 2 hours if ETH remains below $240.”

  • In the case of RSI Sets, there is no confirmation period. Instead, you will receive an update 1 hour prior to an RSI update indicating the target asset price required for the Set to rebalance.

“Rebalance of $2,917,151 with trading pair WETH / USDC proposed for the ETH RSI Yield Set. Rebalance will take place in 1 hour if ETH remains below $240.”

6. All calls will be from the phone number: (628) 244-8653. You can toggle the Emergency Bypass setting on iOS or Android if you set your phone to Do Not Disturb at night. Here are some articles on how to set it up on iOS and on Android.

Follow Up

  1. We are looking to add the ability to support multiple phone numbers within a single account

  2. We will be adding email support to send similar emails in the vent of rebalances

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