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Fixing Your Ledger Transaction
Fixing Your Ledger Transaction

How to troubleshoot using your Ledger on TokenSets

Written by Felix Feng
Updated over a week ago

If you've encountered an error while trying to buy or sell Sets with your Ledger, try these three steps to fix the issue:

  1. Unlock your Ledger.

  2. Enable contract data on your Ledger.

  3. Add ETH to your Ledger for Ethereum network costs.

Unlocking Your Ledger

In order to unlock your Ledger, simply enter your PIN code into your Ledger, and navigate to the "Ethereum" app on your Ledger.

Enabling contract data on your Ledger

To enable contract data on your Ledger:

  1. Unlock your Ledger

  2. Go to "Ethereum"

  3. Go to "Settings"

  4. Go to "Contract Data"

  5. Select "Yes"

This allow your Ledger to interact with smart contracts on Ethereum. Since TokenSets uses Ethereum smart contracts under the hood, this option will need to be enabled in order to buy, sell, and do other interactions on the TokenSets site.

Adding ETH to your Ledger for Ethereum network costs

Transactions on TokenSets require ETH in order to pay for network costs. Trying to initiate a transaction when you don't have ETH to pay for network costs will not result in a successful transaction.

When you view your buy or sell confirmation, you'll see the amount of network fees you need to pay in order to complete the transaction. Make sure you have enough ETH to cover these Ethereum network fees when you make your transaction.

You can transfer ETH into your account by going into your account page, clicking Receive, then sending some ETH to the address shown in the Receive window. After you've successfully transferred in ETH, you can try the transaction again with the proper amount of ETH for network fees.

If this still doesn't work for you, message one of our team members, and we'll be here to help you.

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