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My account shows "0" Set balances. Why is this happening?
My account shows "0" Set balances. Why is this happening?

Understand how different login options are linked to different wallet accounts.

Written by Felix Feng
Updated over a week ago


If you log in to TokenSets and see that your Set balances are missing, don't worry, you most likely logged in using a different login method than you originally used when you bought your Sets.

On March 11th 2020, we released an email login flow. If you logged in using the main login option before March 11th 2020, click "Phone", and login with that method.

Logging in to TokenSets using your email vs phone vs Metamask or any other wallet will result in you logging in with a new account with a different balance. Try logging in to TokenSets using the method that you originally used when you bought your Set.

Email Login vs Phone Login

Logging in with your email account in the main email input will link to a different account than the phone login option that was the main highlighted option before this release. The email and phone login options do not link to the same account, although they may seem similar.

Using The Your Previous Email Login

If you used your email address to login before, you will need to click:

Sign In > Phone > Use Email Instead > Log in using your email

Once you log in using your email through this method, you'll be able to access your previous account that you used when logging in with email.

Another thing to note is that when clicking the phone login option, the phone and email option within the window that shows up also link to different accounts. Using "Use Email Instead" option in the Fortmatic window will not use the same email account as the one on the main Sign In window.


If you have any further questions, feel free to message us through Intercom or in our Discord channel here:

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