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Where does price information come from?
Where does price information come from?

Learn about the sources for price information that Sets consume

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Prices for Sets displayed on TokenSets are sourced from CryptoCompare to show the fair market value of a Set in USD across multiple exchanges. A Set is 100% collateralized by its underlying components, which means the 'Net Asset Value' (NAV) can be calculated by adding up the value of all the underlying component tokens in the Set. For buys and sells, pricing is sourced from various DEXs that provide liquidity to Set Protocol.

For rebalances, however, Sets utilize on-chain decentralized price oracles in the smart contracts to determine starting parameters for auctions. Learn more about Set rebalances here

For ETH and BTC, Sets use MakerDAO's v2 oracles that also power the Multi Collateral Dai system. 

For DAI, Sets utilize dYdX's oracle which takes the median of prices on Uniswap, Oasis Trade and $1. Additionally, there are several protections against price manipulation and flash crashes.

For USDC, Sets assume a price of $1 as it can be freely redeemed 1:1 with USD on Coinbase. 

For Compound USDC, Sets utilize the on-chain Compound USDC to cUSDC exchange rate which factors in the interest accrued to the cUSDC token.

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