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Signing in using phone
Signing in using phone

Sign in using your phone and deposit ETH into your wallet

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If you are newer user, we recommend signing in through phone via Fortmatic, an easy to use and highly secure wallet that utilizes SMS and PIN. 

1. Click Sign In and select the Use Phone option, then confirm your sign in with the bottom Sign In button.

2. Enter your phone number in the modal that pops up.

3. Enter the 8 digit code sent to your phone.

4. Create a 6 digit PIN (and back up your PIN with your email).

  1. If you have no ETH in your account, send ETH (Ether) from your favorite exchange or other wallet to get started. If sending from an exchange, navigate to the Withdraw page and send ETH to your address displayed on TokenSets. Links to some popular exchanges: Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex.

  2. Congrats! You're all Set to start purchasing.

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